In-School Residencies

performersStudents participate in 45 minute dance classes once a week, learning choreography, listening actively and thinking creatively in their familiar school environment. Fun with high energy, the in-school classes take a break from the academic routine and use dance as a medium to develop motor skills, musicality and muscle memory. Students explore creative expression through movement while strengthening good learning behavior. With their hearts pumping and muscles flexing, children dance up a storm! In this loving, learning environment, dancers are challenged with fun sequences of movement, floor patterns and jazzy foot work. Students' active listening and creative problem-solving skills are tested while working together as a team in preperation for a lively performance. Most importantly, as individuals' self-confidence flourishes an authentic positive body image develop.

Nagata Dance has brought movement and dance to Alamo Elementary for the last six years. Ms. Nagata is a gifted and talented educator who brings her craft of dance to our kindergarten and first grade classes leaving every child wanting more. She teaches our general education and inclusion students with patience and grace. Her firm, yet encouraging style pushes every student to do their best. Each week, the lessons build upon one another culminating in a performance for parents, family, friends and our school. We have been very fortunate to have a supportive community of families who understand the importance of art. We hope to continue to have a long and growing relationship with Ms. Nagata for many more years to come.

Mrs.Wong, Kindergarten Teacher at Alamo Elementary

inschool250x250Each Nagata Dance residency builds towards a final performance. The dancers learn rhythm and counting while transforming ordinary moves into an entertaining dance piece. Dance steps and routines are tailored towards age and class level. The residencies grant students the opportunity to comfortably work on themselves individually and within a group. Parents, faculty, and schoolmates are encouraged to watch the performance, observing each and every student's transformation into performers! Classes and final performance led by Nagata Dance faculty. One dance class can have up to 50 students for $125-$225 per 45 minute dance class.  There is a minimum of two consecutive dance classes per day.  

Dancing Chickens Ready to Perform!

Dance Classes