Oldest/Youngest Buddy Project

Nagata Dance Buddy Project: building community through dance.


The Nagata Dance Buddy Project is a dance program offered to local schools wishing to strengthen community across grade levels. A school's oldest students are paired with its youngest to prepare and perform a dance routine. This unique, fulfilling and enriching program produces a memorable team-building experience that benefits the entire school community.

Buddy Project Breakdown                 Young minds benefit from exposure to different types of learning environments. This Buddy Project does more than teach dance moves; it reinforces the importance of camaraderie, accountability and fitness.

While some students may not realize the positive changes at work, teachers, mentors and audience members will enjoy watching bonds grow between older and younger students. The Nagata Dance Buddy Project builds community beyond the dance class, as students become role models for the entire student body. Dance project participants become advocates for all grade levels to explore personal boundaries and look beyond potentially intimidating experiences to build new friendships.

oldestyoungest400300Buddy Project Breakdown                                                                                 Students gather once a week in preparation for performance. Grades are broken into sections creating an environment that stimulates friendship, learning and growth. Students complete a heart warm-up in conjunction with their buddy, actively working as a team to accomplish certain tasks. After which time all students, even those fearing what dance might make them look like, execute energetic, partner focused moves.

From going over previously taught choreography, to demonstrating newly incorporated choreography, students support one another throughout the program. Particular goals are met each class, which hone in on the skills needed for performance. With strengthened confidence, both eighth graders and kindergarteners alike show desire and enthusiasm to showcase their final product. Knowing that each buddy depends on the other influences every student to work hard from beginning to end.

Enrollment                                                                                                                                                      If you are a school wishing to explore an Oldest-Youngest Buddy Project, please contact Corrine Nagata to learn about pricing and availability.

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