The Generation Project

Nagata Dance Generation Project: bridging generations through dance.


bridge250x250The Nagata Dance Generation Project is a dance program offered to local schools wishing to strengthen generational respect and appreciation. The purpose of the Nagata Dance Generation Project is to facilitate generational interaction through dance. First graders join forces with worldly senior citizens exchanging smiles, lifting spirits and building relationships. When young students bring vitality and energy to a local assisted living facility, everybody wins. 

Benefits of the Nagata Generation Project

Residents of the assisted living facility benefit in a multitude of ways from dancing with young students,
including invigoration through interaction, music and joy. For many, the Generation Project is one of the few times each week where they can escape to a place where pain is forgotten and nostalgia is present. Residents benefit physically from stretching, movement, rhythm and the power of personal touch. Furthermore, the assisted living members' sense of purpose increases as they educate younger generations.

Students benefit from the satisfaction gained in helping others and from seeing the impact they can have on someone else's life. Students are challenged to maturely follow directions in the assisted living setting and to respectfully build relationships. Moreover, students learn about the older generation and how to interact across age boundaries.

generation2-350-250Generation Project Breakdown

Students visit a local assisted living facility once per week for an entire school year to get their groove on with the residents. Each session consists of a warm up incorporating targeted body parts. As students and residents move together, eye contact and rhythm is strengthened. Students fill the room, assuring that each resident is faced with a beautiful smile. Residents participate in chairs lined up around the room (due to physical limitations) while students move and interact with them.


If you are a school or assisted living facility wishing to explore a Nagata Dance Generation Project, please contact Corrine Nagata to learn about pricing and availability.


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