Angela Yuen Uyeda-Teaching Artist



She shares her passion of dance with children and adults as a Ballet teacher and choreographer to girls, boys, teens and adults.

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Angela Yuen Uyeda


angela11Angela Yuen Uyeda began her dance training in ballet, studying at schools in San Francisco, Arizona and Hong Kong. While furthering her training at City Ballet, she was privileged to work with choreographer Yuri Zhukov from San Francisco Ballet. From 2004 to 2008, Angela danced with Peony Performing Arts, a Chinese Dance company under the direction of Sabrina and Xiaomu Hou. In addition to performing throughout the Bay Area, she was a guest artist with the Chinese Historical Society's A Caruso Memory in 2006 and World Arts West's People Like Me tour in 2007. Angela joined Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company in 2008, performing contemporary and traditional works in national tours. As part of its outreach program, she teaches Chinese Dance to elementary school children. Angela shares her passion of dance with children and adults as a Ballet instructor and choreographer to girls, boys, teens and adults at San Francisco Youth Ballet Academy, Marina Classical Ballet, and Geary Dance Center. Angela joined the Nagata Dance faculty in 2011, as dance teacher and choreographer in several San Francisco schools.


Angela Yuen Uyeda Videos



Includes sword dance. ODC Home Season performance for Peony Performing Arts.

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