Nagata Dance's History

Nagata Dance was born from a need to service the children in local neighborhoods. Founded in 2002, Nagata Dance became a mainstay in the Bay Area in 2008.

Corrine Nagata is the founder and president of Nagata Dance. Ms. Nagata trained under several key figures in both the dance and education world. While in New York City, Ms. Nagata worked with legends such as Jacques D'Amboise, former NYC Ballet Principal Dancer and Founder of the National Dance Institute, as well as Arthur Mitchell, former NYC Ballet Principal Dancer and Founder of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. To develop her teaching foundation, Ms. Nagata blended their expertise with her experience working with varying students from challenging public schools and neighborhoods in New York City.

In order to create the desired teaching program utilized by all Nagata Dance teachers today, Ms. Nagata also studied under Bay Area educators; including, Arlene Leitner, a retired Pre K Special Ed teacher within the SF public school system, as well as Reginald Ray Savage, Director of the dance department for the Oakland School of the Arts.

Through the years, Nagata Dance has tried and tested teaching methods. It has built a program that is adaptable to many different needs, abilities and attitudes. Today, Nagata Dance partners with schools, elder care facilities, and private groups to deliver award-winning dance instruction and self-confidence boosts to eager participants.

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About Nagata Dance