Nagata Dance's Method


Ms. Nagata drew from her academic training as well as her personal training to create the Nagata Dance teaching methodology that all Nagata Dance teachers use.

Unlike other dance companies, Nagata Dance is not trying to develop professional dancers. Instead, students are challenged to rise to a higher standard, be accountable for their actions, and grow collectively instead of just individually.

The curriculum of Nagata Dance stands apart from other schools because of the clear directions and clear consequences that are consistent in each and every class. Students thrive from the structure provided, resulting in positive personal growth. Nagata dancers are all able to find success despite varying ability levels because of the consistent structure that is instilled into each session.

Classrooms range in size, from eight to 88 students. Each class begins with basic motor skills to build confidence, followed by activities to raise heart rates so dancers feel invigorated, and finally choreography is taught in small, broken-down steps so that the class graduates to new moves and levels on a steady pace together.

The Nagata Dance method creates a relationship amongst peers, and instills joy, self-confidence and pride.

About Nagata Dance