Water Break Policy

In the 45 to 60 minute Nagata Dance after-school classes, we are heating up and dancing up a storm!  We encourage dancers to bring water bottles to dance class. This makes it more convenient to sip water throughout the class when one group is dancing and the other is actively watching.  In addition, each class will have a designated water break at the 25-minute mark. Additional water breaks may be given if it is a hot day or at the discretion of the teacher.  We hope that this water bottle policy creates more ease to keep everyone hydrated.  If it become more of a distraction we will revise the policy where needed.

Dance is a physical activity which exercises the body and the mind, please help us to remind the children to drink water throughout the day especially before and after dance class, to use the restroom before class, and it is more comfortable to wear removable layers to class to help with body temperature.

If any child has a special need, we are happy to make modifications to provide the environment for the best result. Please communicate directly to Corrine Nagata This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to prepare and accommodate accordingly.

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