Teacher Training

Teacher Training with Nagata Dance

Give children the gift of dance– learn the ropes of being a dance teacher through Nagata Dance’s Teacher Training program!


 Teacher Training in a Nutshell

Nagata Dance takes passionate dance lovers and gives them the foundational skills and experience necessary to become successful dance teachers. Although a dance background is helpful while teaching, it is not a prerequisite for interested program participants. In the program, you will develop strong dance teaching and classroom management skills, as well as the confidence it takes to lead students. Nagata Dance will give you the tools you need for success. In fact, at Nagata Dance we believes so strongly in our Teacher Training program that we hire students straight out of the program to become official Nagata Dance teachers.


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The Nagata Dance Philosophy

Nagata Dance is a children’s dance school that focuses on positively encouraging and influencing the young body and mind. Nagata Dance believes that dance is a metaphor for life and our focus is never on achieving straighter legs or better turns, but rather on developing a sense of trust, teamwork, camaraderie and self-esteem within our dancers.

Nagata Dance Teacher Training Program Options

Nagata Dance offers two different training programs – Basic and Intensive. The Basic course is a two-week long program where you will work daily with Nagata Dance instructors, classes and workshops. The Intensive course is a five-week long program that covers the same topics as the Basic program in greater depth. All Nagata Dance Teacher Training programs follow the same model where aspiring teachers start out observing, directing and providing feedback to students and eventually move to co-teaching and leading.

What Will You Learn During Teacher Training

 Through the program you will gain hands-on experience interacting with children – Nagata Dance firmly believes no textbook can teach the intricacies and dynamics of a room full of children. You will enhance a wide variety of skills, from organization to communication and everything in between. Nagata Dance focuses on teaching you effective, positive and non-disruptive methods. You will learn the difference between controlling a classroom and connecting with individual students. For the classroom, you will learn how to capture attention, hold focus and keep the classroom engaged. For individual students, you will learn ways to teach self-esteem, listening, and teamwork skills. By the end of the program, you will be able to handle classrooms of all ages and abilities.


History of the Teacher Training Program


The Nagata Dance teaching foundation was formed and inspired through the renowned National Dance Institute in New York City, The Ailey School and Dance Theatre of Harlem. Additional structure and depth has been built into the program through years of dedication and consistent evaluations both in New York and in San Francisco.

Click here to sign up or to learn more details please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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